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Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring"

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“All our time, all our life was ours. I mean, we had no job, nothing else to do but live. And he lived, my God, he lived.”

—Lucien Happersberger, James Baldwin’s lover, on their time in Paris (via avecsabombe)

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“And above all no more object. Ecstasy is not love: love is possession for which the object is necessary, and at the same time possession of the subject, possessed by it. There is no longer subject-object, but a ‘yawning gap’ between the one and the other and, in the gap, the subject, the object are dissolved; there is passage, communication, but not from one to the other: the one and the other have lost their separate existence.”

—Georges Bataille, Inner Experience (via 1109-83)

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'O Zarathustra, you stone of wisdom, you projectile, you star-destroyer! You have thrown yourself thus high, but every stone that is thrown — must fall!'

Thereupon the dwarf fell silent; and long he continued so. But his silence oppressed me; and to be thus in company is truly more lonely than to be alone…

But there is something in me that I call courage: it has always destroyed every discouragement in me. This courage bade me stop and say: ‘Dwarf! You! Or I!’

For courage is the best destroyer — courage that attacks: for in every attack there is a triumphant shout…

Courage also destroys giddiness at abysses: and where does man not stand at an abyss?

Courage destroys even death, for it says: ‘Was that life? Well then! Once more!’

—Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (via sisyphean-revolt)

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